Masks Per LA County’s guidance, masks are optional for campers to wear masks. Please send your child to camp with a cloth face covering if you wish to mask during camp.

When you arrive at camp each day, you will park your car and escort your camper/s to the registration area. We’ll ask you some questions about potential symptoms and COVID exposure and check your child’s temperature, and then we’ll bring them to their group

Each Group will have their own hand wash and sanitizing station.

Campers will be required to wash their hands before lunch.

Campers will be required to wash their hands with soap and water after each bathroom visit and before returning to camp. Bathroom areas will be sprayed with disinfectant prior to and after camper use. We will have separate bathroom runners who will escort the campers to and from the restroom area. Bathroom runners will wear gloves and masks at all times when escorting campers to and from the restrooms.


Campers will be grouped together this summer – In order to help reduce the number of campers your child comes into contact with; campers will be assigned to a co-ed group of up to 11 other campers of the same age range and two counselors. The makeup of that group will stay constant over the course of each session. As always, you can request a friend/s in your child’s same age range to be in their group. Siblings who are in the same grade or one grade apart will be grouped together, in accordance with LA County’s directives on reducing contacts.


What happens if my child gets sick? What if someone in their group does?

We expect families to monitor their campers for symptoms of and exposure to COVID-19 for 14 days prior to camp and throughout their time at Sandy Days Kids Camp. If your child gets sick, has a fever of 100.4 or higher, or exhibits any other symptoms consistent with COVID-19, please notify us immediately. If your child gets sick during camp they will be immediately isolated and sent home. Campers won’t be able to return to camp for at least 10 days after symptoms start AND three days after symptoms including fever have improved.

If your child has had close contact with someone who has COVID-19 or have been advised to quarantine, please do not send your child to camp until they’ve completed the quarantine required by Los Angeles County.

If someone at camp becomes ill with COVID-19, we will notify you. We’ll then follow LA County’s protocol for cleaning, sanitizing, and possible temporary closure of camp.



We’ll be following all of California, Los Angeles County, and the American Camp Association guidelines in safely providing camp activities, cleaning supplies and equipment to avoid disease transmission. All other activities will take place, with some modifications that won’t change your camper’s experience!


Hygiene, Cleaning and More

Campers may wear masks if they choose to do so. There’s lots more information on our website regarding our plans for cleaning, screening, hygiene, communication, and lots more. We know, too, that things are always changing, and restrictions in LA County and at Sandy Days may get stricter or looser as we get closer to opening. If you have any questions, please ask!

The most important part of Sandy Days is the chance for children to unplug, play outdoors with friends new and old. While we’re making lots of changes to keep our camp family as safe as possible, nothing will change those parts of the Sandy Days experience! We can’t wait to see your camper(s) again this summer.

Sun Protection & Fun

To reduce contact between counselors and campers make sure to send your camper with spray-on sunscreen. Also, please remember to pack a face sunscreen stick for your child.*

Extra large cabanas (open tents) are set up throughout the camp site. Arts and crafts, face painting, and games are played under the cabanas to ensure shade during the day.

*Sunscreen is re-applied to campers arms, legs and face several times during the day. If your child requires a special sunscreen, please pack it and let us know.

Ocean Safety

Sandy Days is located between two lifeguard towers. Water activities are open only during specific hours so that all counselors can be in the water with our campers. Young campers play and skim board at the shore. Older campers swim, go paddling and boogie board alongside counselors, with direct supervision. During water activities the director or assistant director will be standing at the water’s edge to provide oversight and reinforce all safety protocols. Ocean safety is our top priority at Sandy Days.

Mature & Experienced Staff

In order to ensure safety and close supervision of campers, we maintain a ration of one counselor for every five to six campers. This allows counselors to supervise activities and to monitor campers’ behaviors to encourage the development of individual skills and to introduce newcomers to the activity. Many of our counselors are teachers, coaches, and nannies in the community.

Camp Counselors

All counselors wear light blue rash guards and all campers wear bright yellow Sandy Days rash guards for quick and easy identification. Brightly colored cones are set up to designate the area of the beach where our campers can play. Each morning we review camp perimeters and make sure that all campers recognize our boundaries.

Supervised Trips To The Bathroom

All campers will be escorted to and from the bathroom by a Sandy Days counselor who will remain in the restroom while the campers are there.

Drinking Water

Drinking water is available all day. The large water coolers are located under the umbrellas for thirsty campers.