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Sandy Days Kids Camp – It’s a wave of life


Sandy Days Kids Camp has created memorable camp experiences for hundreds of spring and summer session campers. More importantly, Sandy Days Kids Camp creates a welcoming camp environment for campers, and the entire family.
From the moment you arrive for your first day, you’ll know that Sandy Days is unlike any other camp. Our morning hype crew plays everything from classic hits to the latest chart-toppers while giving birthday shoutouts, fun trivia questions, and “DYK” fun facts on the PA system. Our staff greets campers and parents for check-in, and then the real fun begins.
Sandy Days Kids Camp offers an almost unlimited variety and number of activities that campers can choose for themselves, in and out of the water. Our campers get to set their own agenda, as an antidote to the overscheduled world we live in. Behind the fun and freedom lies intention and the core principles of child development. We call it “messy by design.”
Our staff and counselors include veteran teachers and experienced child care pros, who together with our enthusiastic counselors, have created a curriculum that is carefully crafted to give children independence, agency, and freedom – all within a structured, nurturing environment. From the beginning, we have built circles of friends into a cohesive community, week by week. Our operations under coronavirus regulations have not hindered this essential function of camp at all.
Our goal is to support you in your child’s development, to help them be the best person they can be. The spirit of our camp lasts throughout the year, and for a lifetime.

Our Vision

Bringing the spirit of summer to life, every day

Our Mission

We create the opportunity for kids to grow and become better humans. Our accepting community nurtures independence and freedom through creativity and joyful play. 

Owner-Director Sina Monjazeb on left, and Asst. Camp Director David Emeson the right.

Asst. Camp Director Robyn Mitsch

Sina Monjazeb, Owner-Director

Professionally trained in human development and education, camp director Sina Monjazeb established Sandy Days Kids Camp in 2009 as a summertime extension of his vocational passion. Since then, the camp has welcomed hundreds of campers and camp families into its community, on the beach in Pacific Palisades, and beyond. 

Here’s Sina in his own words:
“I have always loved being in the outdoors, and playing sports and games. I knew early on that I wanted to become a physical education teacher and work outdoors with children.  I attended Cal State Long Beach and earned a B.A. in Kinesiology: Physical Education, and completed the credential program at CSULB as well. 

During my time at CSULB I was a camp counselor for their 49ers summer sports camp, and I loved it as the ultimate reflection of my personal training and passion. After completing my credential, I taught middle school P.E.for two years in public schools and then became the founding athletic director at New Community Jewish High School in the west San Fernando Valley area.  I remained at the school for 19 years as the Athletic Director and PE Department Chair.


Not rushing through life, being a part of nature, enjoying the outdoors, listening to music, spending time with friends and loved ones, connecting with people, that’s the Sandy Days lifestyle.


Creating a summer camp experience that gives children the chance to explore, create, and interact with their peers was a longtime dream of mine. In 2009, I created Sandy Days Kids Camp to provide a safe place for children to grow and develop. Sandy Days Kids Camp is not just a camp, it’s a lifestyle. Not rushing through life, being a part of nature, enjoying the outdoors, listening to music, spending time with friends and loved ones, connecting with people – all things we have embedded into the Sandy Days camp experience, which campers can take with them throughout the year.”

Sina Monjazeb holds a B.A. in Kinesiology: Physical Education from California State University Long Beach.  


Fun facts:
Sina’s favorite movies
• • • • • • • •
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Caddy Shack
The Karate Kid
Return of The Jedi

David Emeson, Assistant Camp Director

A member of the Sandy Days staff almost since Day One, David Emeson is a key member of the team. From the early morning through the action of the day, under the alias that every camper knows from the start (you’ll have to sign up to find out!), David brings energy, fun, and a kid-like spirit to the camp community. 

Here’s what David has to say:

“I love working at camp because each day brings something new, fun, and challenging. Even though as counselors we’re teaching and guiding, the learning process goes both ways. While the kids are learning and growing, we’re also staying young of heart and mind by building relationships with our campers.


We stretch comfort zones in a supportive environment, while building relationships between campers and counselors.


I spent a lot of years on stage in musicals and plays, and Sandy Days reminds me a lot of that experience. We stretch comfort zones in a supportive environment, while building relationships between campers and counselors.
Having the shared experience of camps creates a tight bond between us and camp families. I love seeing campers and their families between camp and school – it keeps the summer spirit of life, fun, and anticipation alive all year.”

Fun facts:
David Emeson’s favorite movies and TV shows are
• • • • • • • •
I Love Lucy
The Sand Lot

Robyn Mitsch, Assistant Camp Director

Pretty much everyone in the Sandy Days camp community will get to know Robyn Mitsch very well, and very quickly. Robyn handles virtually all aspects of camp administration to ensure that every day, everyone’s experience is totally smooth.

She is a child care expert with decades of experience from coast to coast, and now she’s bringing her talents to Sandy Days Kids Camp. Not only is she a staffer, but she’s a mom too, so she has a real-world understanding of what kids and parents need, so she’s a great fit for Sandy Days.

Here’s how Robyn describes herself for Sandy Days Kids Camp:

I have enjoyed working with kids in a camp setting since I was in high school, and between then and now I have worked with children in and out of classroom settings. I have a degree in Special Education from Boston University, and after graduation I worked as an inclusion assistant at an elementary school outside Boston for several years. I moved to Los Angeles 17 years ago, and I’ve worked as a nanny as well as a tutor much of my time here. Additionally, I worked at a local beach camp as the lead counselor of arts and crafts (where I was fortunate enough to meet Sina!). Besides my education and child care experience, I’m also the mom of a 5 year old boy, and I put my skills to work as a “pod teacher” during the early days of the Covid pandemic. After these past years, I’m really glad to be setting up my “office in the sand” in the fresh air and sunshine again, and getting to know all of our campers and their families.

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