California Dreamin'- Fun in the Sun!
Safety & Comfort
Sun Protection and Fun 
Extra large cabanas (open tents) are set up throughout the camp site. Arts and crafts, face painting, and games are played under the cabanas to ensure shade during the day.
Sunscreen is re-applied to campers arms, legs and face several times during the day.  If your child requires a special sunscreen, please pack it and let us know.

Ocean Safety
Sandy Days is located between two lifeguard towers. Water activities are open only during specific hours so that all counselors can be in the water with our campers. Young campers play and skim board at the shore. Older campers swim, go paddling and boogie board alongside counselors, with direct supervision. During water activities the director or assistant director will be standing at the water's edge to provide oversight and reinforce all safety protocols. Ocean safety is our top priority at Sandy Days.

Mature and Experienced Staff
In order to ensure safety and close supervision of campers, we maintain a ratio of one counselor for every five to six campers. This allows counselors to supervise activities and to monitor campers' behaviors to encourage the development of individual skills and to introduce newcomers to the activity. Many of our counselors are teachers, coaches, and nannies in the community. 

Camp Colors
All counselors wear blue rash guards and all campers wear bright yellowSandy Days rash guards for quick and easy identification.

Brightly colored cones are set up to designate the area of the beach where our campers can play. Each morning we review camp perimeters and make sure that all campers recognize our boundaries.

Supervised Trips to the Bathroom
All campers will be escorted to and from the bathroom by a Sandy Days counselor who will remain in the restroom while the campers are there.

Drinking Water
Drinking water is available all day.  The large water coolers are located under the umbrellas for thirsty campers.

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